Whole School Assemblies

32. The Easter Egg Competition Results

This is the showcase assembly for the Easter Egg Competition. The pupils were challenged to create a scene using an egg (real or otherwise) that would make us smile.

31. The Easter Egg Hunt Results

Well done to everyone who found some or all of the eggs on the Anson website. The eggs have now been removed and the winners have all been given a golden ticket!

30. Be Kind

In this assembly we look at what it means to be kind and attempt to flood the school with kindness.

29. The 2021 Easter Challenges

As we approach the end of the Spring Term, we launch three Easter challenges for the pupil of Anson and provide a few updates for the whole school community. 1. The Easter Egg Challenge 2. The Easter Egg Web Hunt 3. The Easter Egg Hunt (school based)

28. The Quest for the Missing Welly

As part of the expanded reopening of Anson Primary School, we look at the skills we may need to help us get through the next few weeks and be positive about our learning.

27. TT Rockstars - The February Results

Our hosts return with a round up of all the TT Rockstars action from February. Who is topping the Champions League at the moment?

26. World Book Day 2021

As a different World Book Day approaches we are focusing our celebration on The Last Stop on Market Street by Matt De La Peña. It's a story that will help us all to appreciate the world around us. Today we tell the story and set five challenges for the children of Anson. Plus there is news of a competition worth over £300 to the winner.

25. Risk Taking Assembly (Spring 2021)

The Learning Behaviour for this second half of the Spring Term is Risk Taking. There are four elements to risk taking at Anson: trying new things, challenging yourself, believing in your ability and understanding that it is alright to make mistakes. In this assembly Mr Pile explores one of the most dangerous areas of water around the United Kingdom and shares three stories of people who have attempted to cross it.

24. Independence Awards

As the first half of the Spring Term draws to a close the teachers at Anson hand out their Independence Awards, celebrating the work and effort of the children during the first few weeks of this year.

23. TT Rockstars - Champions League

Welcome to this special assembly with Mr. Hudson, Mr. Diamond and Ms. Batool. There is a roundup of results and the launch of the Champions League event.

22. Children's Mental Health Week

As part of Children's Mental Health Week we have set up a challenge to #sendasmile - watch the video and send in your smile!

21 - National Storytelling Week: The Launch

Mr Pile launches National Storytelling Week, an event the is being run at Anson by Miss Daly and will include stories from lots of the teachers. In this launch film Mr Pile explains the origin of stories, our work with the Unicorn Theatre and shares a very silly story inspired by Julia Donaldson.

20. Looking for positives

Ms. Lansiquot shares one trick she is using to stay positive this term.

19. Independence

In September you chose Independence as the Learning Behaviour that we would focus on this half term. With so many of you learning from home there is no better time to take a look at how to be more independent. So, Mr Pile took a walk in the woods.

18. 2021 New Year Resolutions

As is the tradition we take a look back at the films of 2020 and see what we can learn to help us set our resolutions for 2021. Which little things will you try in 2021?

17. The Thinking Awards

To end the Autumn Term 2020 we hand out a number of certificates, the teachers announce their Achievement Award winners and we reveal our Christmas competition of Extreme Reading!

16. TT Rockstars: November Results

Mr Hudson reveals the winners and losers in the World Cup and Plate, unveils the Winter Tournament and celebrates the most improved, richest earner and the fastest pupils in November.

15. Spanish at Anson

In this special assembly, the pupils take over and explain how we can continue to learn Spanish in and beyond the classroom. There are also some special guests who help to make the assembly come together.

14. United Against Bullying

As part of Anti-Bullying Week 2020 we look at what bullying is and how we can work together to stamp it out!

13. School Council Election Results

In this assembly we reveal the results of the School Council elections and announce the new members of the Anson Eco-Council.

12. Prime Minister Penguin

As we elect our School Council, we take a moment to think about what qualities we are looking for in the members of our School Council this year.

11. Remembrance Day

Ms. Lansiquot shares a special memory from her childhood, challenges the children to test their memories and shares a story about... cabbages. This is the Remembrance Day assembly for 2020.

10. Cricklewood on Film

As part of the Anson Film Festival we take a look at how film can capture the world around us and take us back in time to compare then and now. We also give out some film awards for the One Minute Film Challenge.

9. TT Rockstars Semi-Final

The TT Rockstars tournament continues with Mr Hudson.

8. Anson Film Festival - the launch

Every November, for the last ten years, we've celebrated the Anson Film Festival. This would usually run alongside the national Into Film Festival. However, with cinema trips still not possible for the children we are unable to attend screenings at our local cinemas. Nevertheless, our Film Festival goes ahead as planned with 5 exciting challenges for the children of Anson.

7. Collaboration Awards

At the end of the first half of the Autumn Term we take a moment to reflect on our collaboration at Anson and award 28 children with a Cool Collaborator certificate!

6. One Minute Film Challenge

We are getting ready for the November Anson Film Festival with a One Minute Film Challenge. This half term we want you to make a film in the style of the Lumiere Brothers. The only rule, you can't move the camera. Find something interesting, set up your camera, record for one minute and send it in via Google Classroom, Seesaw or email. We can't wait to see what you produce. Watch the assembly, and read the newsletter this week, for more details

5. Follow Your Dreams

In our second Black History Month assembly we launch the Anson MOBOs and hear all about our first nominee, Natalie Lindi.

4. Black History Month

In this assembly to launch Black History Month, Ms. Lansiquot introduces three black women who have had major impact in the Arts.

3. TT Rockstars Launch (Key Stage Two)

Mr Hudson launches the Autumn Term TT Rockstars World Cup and reveals the top performers this September!

2. Learning Behaviour Results

In this assembly we reveal the results of the pupil vote on our learning behaviours.

1. Learning Behaviours

In our first assembly of the year, we ask the children on Anson to decide on the order of our Anson Learning Behaviours